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Massively multiplayer games such as wow classic gold do not get sequels. This was tried once and it turned out to be a bad idea. EverQuest two, the 2004 followup into the enormously influential 1999 match, only ended up breaking up the audience of a match which was doing just fine until it came along. Many players were far too invested in the characters that they had, the systems they could feel in their bones and their muscular memory, to begin again. It flopped, and OG EverQuest never really recovered from this filial blow, even though it soldiers on for the day.

So MMO developers just continue releasing expansions (apparently, EverQuest has 26 of these ), edging up the level cap each time, layering on vast shelves of material like the segments of an increasingly precarious and indigestible cake. This isn't a large issue in the event that you only take a present, max-level character through the new content every time, but for new players - or sequential fresh-starters like yours truly - the route to the very best, and also to the most recent stuff, looks increasingly daunting because the game gets old. That, and the bottom layers of the cake, made all those years ago, start to go stale. It's a problem.

This was when they undertook what has to be the most radical act of transplant operation I've ever seen in a live game. The Cataclysm expansion rewrote almost all the levelling content of this original game, overhauling the questing mechanics, improving the storytelling, smoothing the mill. It was a huge undertaking and was critical to buy classic wow gold this game's continued good health.


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