Can Female Lawyers Be Successful?

If you too aspire to be a successful and one of the best lawyers in Delhi, then here are some tips that will help you enjoy your legal career.

So many years have passed since Indian independence, but a question persists – can women be successful lawyers? Gone are the days when women used to be indoors and spend their entire life serving their families. Now, women are being educated and carrying out multiple roles. Along with their familial duties, they are nurturing professional duties with the same responsibility. 

Of all professions, one of the most popular professions that women are practicing these days is advocacy. Now, you will come across many female lawyers in Delhi, to whom people look up to and are happy with their legal services. If you too aspire to be a successful and one of the best lawyers in Delhi, then here are some tips that will help you enjoy your legal career. 

  1. Start building networks from an early stage 

Various successful female lawyers have pointed out that the reason behind their success was that they started building networks from their initial days. For better understanding, let us take an example here. Suppose you deal with divorce cases. Your relationship with other lawyers belonging to the same field will undoubtedly get enlightened with time. But you have to maintain a cordial relationship, if not a friendly bond, with lawyers who work in other fields like criminal law, cyber law, etc. It may so happen that they might be able to help you in solving some cases. 

  1. Set flexible working hours 

Being a successful lawyer means you have to handle several cases simultaneously. Hence you can be sure to experience burnout. Also, setting up flexible work timings means, in case any emergencies appear, your work schedule should be fixed in such a manner that it can be adjusted at ease. Emergencies can appear at any time. It is the lawyer's responsibility who should be able to manage the rest of his work and deal with the emergency. Besides, the customers also count how you manage an emergency as this determines whether the lawyer is a multitasker. 

  1. Stay in touch with old clients 

As a lawyer, you need clients to survive. If you do not nurture relationships with your old clients, then they will not remember you. Eventually, when they need any legal advice in the future, they will undoubtedly think of someone else. Therefore, to become a successful lawyer, one has to maintain a cordial relationship with her old clients and new ones. 

  1. Learn to take risks and face them 

In the legal profession, you are sure to experience ups and downs. So, you have to be prepared to face every challenging situation that comes your way. With every challenge you overcome, your status as a lawyer will be raised. Generally, people consider that women lawyers do not have the potential to fight challenging and critical cases. To everybody's surprise, even in the 21st century, people are skeptical about women lawyers fighting criminal cases as they believe that women are too weak to handle such high-valued cases. It is high time that you question the conventional thoughts and change people's rigid notions about female lawyers. 

  1. Destress 

Being in the legal profession is undoubtedly rewarding but has its negative aspects as well. One of the potential drawbacks of being a lawyer is you are likely to get stressed now and then. First, think of the number of cases that you will have to deal with. Understanding all the cases is crucial. Next, all of your clients expect you to find out the root cause of their respective cases. All these are not only tiring but also strenuous. Therefore, find out ways and means to destress. 

  1. Challenge misconceptions 

Gone are the days when women lawyers were barely found. Now, women are shining as lawyers and enjoying glory. However, many consider that after a certain point in the life of a woman, she does not aspire to grow more in her professional life. Time has come to challenge all these misconceptions and to shut the mouth of the patriarchal society. Even if misconceptions exist in society, women lawyers need to come to the forefront and stand tall as successful ones.  


Therefore, it is high time that people come out of cliched thoughts regarding women and start believing that women with the same valor can undertake every profession. 

Karuna Sharma

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