How to identify items in Diablo 2: Resurrected

A guide to one of Diablo's many core mechanics.

Mastering Diablo 2: Resurrected can be an uphill battle.

The game has a steep learning curve. Some mechanics are intuitive and too familiar for players with a background in action role-playing games, but others are more subtle and include multiple levels.

The recognition mechanism is the main content of the Diablo series, which originated in the first game. But Blizzard has been iterating this formula for years. In Diablo 2, unknown d2r items can be found when plundering the bodies of killed enemies. These items are unknown, grayed out and hidden until they are recognized.

There are multiple ways to identify items in the game: pick up and use the identification scroll, and unlock and interact with a character named Deckard Cain.

Recognition scrolls are common drops when killing enemies. Players can identify items by right-clicking on the reels and clicking on unrecognized items. Tomes of Identification works in a similar way. They can stack up to 20 reels, thereby saving inventory space.

The alternative to the identity scroll is Deckard Cain. To unlock him, the player must first complete the "Find Cain" mission, which includes rescuing the recurring character. The mission is the key to the main story, and it will happen naturally as you travel through the world.

To rescue Dikar Kane, just click on his cage and he will appear in the town. Talk to him, he will take the initiative to identify items. If he is not rescued for the first time, the Blind Sisters will obey his orders and he will collect 100 gold coins for each identified item.


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