WoW Classic Guide to Flipping the Auction House

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In WoW Classic, take advantage of the demand for certain items to benefit you; buy them at a below-average price and then resell them for profit. This method is very unique because you don't need to spend a lot of time, equipment or a lot of time to implement it.

However, you need a lot of initial investment in wow gold classic (after all, you have to buy something that will be resold). We will not pretend that Flipping is a magical secret method. Many people have done a good job, and there are many accessories that can help you (we recommend the classic accessory-Auctioneer). If you are not familiar with Flipping, there are some important things to remember:

1. The auction house will reduce the price of all items sold by 5%; this must be taken into account when calculating profit.

2. If your auction expires, you will not refund your deposit, and the longer the auction time you choose, the higher the deposit.

3. Try to post a short-term auction, not only because of the reduction in deposits, but also because the auction will lower your reserve price anyway; this will minimize your costs.

4. Don't rush to auction; if the price of your asset drops, hold it for a period of time (in the bank alt or even in the mailbox), the price is very likely to rise again (they tend to fluctuate weekly-due to the increase in the number of servers , Everything will become more expensive on weekends) population).

5. Focus on the items that many participants need in large quantities; handmade materials, especially consumables and materials needed for popular handmade ultimate equipment are a good choice. You can also search for rare but still very popular things, such as recipes-many people will try to sell them quickly at a price lower than their actual value-to take advantage of this.

6. Think, analyze and be patient; if you find that the auction house is often overwhelmed by an item, you may temporarily want to skip the item; its price is likely to drop, and you will be snapped up all the time-not worth it.

7. The price of the material is usually lower than the price of the complete material. If you have the right major, you can make more "World of Warcraft Classic Gold Coins" by buying mats on AH, making things and selling them.

Important note: Like all other methods that require an initial investment, Flipping is related to risk. If you are new to this concept, start with a low-loss investment and you can afford to lose, which allows you to learn-just for safety. And don’t forget that 5mmo is the best place to buy vanilla wow gold.

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