Being spiritually healthy doesn't lie on the knowledge of the scriptures alone. Even if we memorize the scriptures from 'in the beginning' of Berēshith (Genesis) to 'ahman' of Yazon (Revelation), if we are not filled with the Holy Spirit, we are nothing but a tin can making a loud clank on the floor.


This commentary is by no means approved by the administrators of the Ophirian Heritage Conservatory on Youtube, although the reflections are inspired by the videos of the said channel. I am not holding OHC responsible in any errors committed in this writeup's contents.


Engaging in religious debate is spiritually ill.

Later this year, the Ophirian Heritage Conservatory - our messenger - experienced attacks left and right from church leaders in other Youtube channels as well as the 'goats' who chose to jump out of King Yahawashi's fold. Some of the accusers claim that the conservatory's teachings aren't true, that the Messiah is non-existent if not Lucifer himself. The issues circulated on Facebook, started by the popular pages that used to be supporters of OHC before.

Others like Seventh Day Adventists' PAG-ARALAN NATIN channel would even challenge OHC to a debate, and would ridicule our messenger for not showing face.

The conservatory had to provide instances where the Holy Spirit spoke to him in the middle of his sleep, revealing certain information that had to be written down immediately before it wears off (see Acts 2:17). Aside from that, he cited situations wherein leaders of churches are challenging each other on religious debates to prove whose teachings are right.

These people, as I have learned, pretend to be filled with the Holy Spirit. They aren't. It is not the Holy Spirit that dwells in their hearts but the spirit of pride - one thing that our Father Yahawah hates (Proverbs 8:13). What about those who are claiming to have seen JC in person, spoken in tongues, driven out demons, healed the sick through laying of hands etc? Those, my brothers and sisters, are what we call sorcery (watch

One who goes about using the Word of the Elohim to prove his or her superiority is nothing but a spiritually sick person. A person who is spiritually healthy does not need to engage in such nonsense because he or she knows that it is outside the Father's will.

May the Holy Spirit continue to dwell in us. Yadah.