The Top Ten Natural Superfoods on Earth

Only the best of the best get to be on this list of superfoods, and TURNER New Zealand Manuka honey has a lot of competition here, in the best possible way for your overall health benefits and long-term choices.


You deserve to have the correct information to help you figure out how to infuse extra nutrition into your diet.  Whether your goal is just to learn where the most manageable switches are, or you, instead of hunting for a way to address your general health habits, a list of natural superfoods is undoubtedly a powerful place to start!


The top ten natural superfoods


These are the best choices on the planet that you need to at least know about, if not add into your diet ASAP:


  1. Dark Green Leafy vegetables: Examples of this include Kale, swiss chard, and turnip greens. All have lots of iron, vitamin C, and folate.


  1. TURNER New Zealand Manuka honey: Both antibacterial and antimicrobial, this can help manage inflammation in the body, promote better oral hygiene, and soothe sore throats. It is also loaded with antioxidants through the inclusion of proprietary UAF1000+.


  1. Green tea: This particular kind of tea has polyphenols and antioxidants combined with very light caffeine and a satiating effect.


  1. Nuts and seeds: These have protein, healthy fats, and fiber, making them one of the few snacks that will work hard to help make a positive effect between meals.


  1. Whole-grain foods: Offering vitamin B, two types of fiber, and other minerals, this is a cholesterol helper and offers satiation.


  1. Eggs: An everyday breakfast staple, eggs have choline, vitamin A, iron, and high-quality protein. Cholesterol levels aside, they make great superfoods.


  1. Citrus fruits: These are full of both vitamin C and fiber, strong immunity supports, and can even help prevent macular degeneration as you age.


  1. Dark chocolate: Due to its cacao content and lack of milk or sugars, this can help with boosting mood and can even have positive cognitive effects.


  1. Sweet potatoes: These have potassium, fiber, and vitamin A, among others. They have less fat than traditional potatoes, too.


  1. Berries: These provide both dietary fiber, antioxidants, and numerous vitamins. There is no shortage of the health benefits of berries.


What do I do to add in more superfoods?


All of these superfoods are going to be easy to add to your diet.  Leafy veggies quickly add bulk to salads.  Nuts and seeds can go in just about anything.  Sweet potato fries are great sides, and whole-grain foods are easy to use in place of their classic counterparts.


For example, use Manuka honey superfood from TURNER instead of your classic honey or table syrup.  It’ll give a unique flavor, and it will also work hard for your health so that this “guilty treat” doesn’t have to be so guilty,  after all!


A true believer in the power of original superfoods, TURNER provides the maximum amount of superfoods in every supplement that makes it to your doorstep.  The most potent superfoods provide the most powerful and widespread health benefits, after all.  The ability to harness this natural potency and use it to promote the best health possible in every customer is what continues to drive TURNER forward. 


Did these surprise you?  Regardless of which one is your favorite, all of these superfoods are going to be wonderful additions to your diet and will provide you with the opportunity to infuse extra nutrition and general health benefits into your daily life.  Now the hard part will be figuring out which one you want to try first.


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