Vein Treatment: Is Laser Therapy Effective To Relieve Unsightly Veins?

Veins function to transport blood from the lower parts of the body to the heart in order to get it purified.

Veins function to transport blood from the lower parts of the body to the heart in order to get it purified. The leg vein works against the gravity force, hence when there is extra pressure on the blood, the blood starts to pool within the veins making them enlarged and stretched leading to varicose veins. 


Generally, varicose veins are found in the lower reign of the body in man forms. You can notice these abnormal veins on the surface of the skin of the legs. With the varicose veins on your legs, you may feel them twisted and bulging in different colors like red, blue, or purple colors. 


Pregnant women may experience them in their legs, and sometimes around the vagina and the buttocks. Mostly they are noticed on thighs, back or the calves, and much more. 




The major symptoms for their occurrence are;


  • If you have damaged vein valves.
  • Unsightly appearance but not physically painful.
  • Enlarged, twisted visible veins visible beneath the surface of the skin.


The major cause of varicose veins is faulty blood flow within the veins. Mostly these varicose veins don’t cause serious health issues but can make an ugly look. But if the veins are bothering you causing achy and inflamed legs, consider a vein specialist to get an effective vein treatment


Laser Vein Therapy:


Laser vein therapy is a very impressive method in order to treat abnormal varicose veins. People found it useful. Remember one thing that you should get the treatment executed only from a vein specialist. 


Treatment Process:


This vein treatment is based on conventional lasers and normal medication. This treatment is quite painless and does not have any side effects. Laser Vein therapy is based on the combination of bi-polar radio frequency and heat energies. This heat energy and frequency are utilized to deal with certain faulty veins. Professionals use this technique to target the abnormal veins in order to heat them and remove them. After the procedure, they will fade away eventually and the skin will start glowing again with a better texture. 


When We Can Feel its Effects?


The recovery results of the treatment may depend on the skin type and its problem.  Dermatologists can remove some scar tissues easily. It may be possible that a few treatments may need some time to give results. If you are suffering from extreme kinds of spider veins, you may be recommended more treatment sessions. But you can notice the effects just after the first treatment session.  


Can Everyone Use it?


This treatment is applicable to nearly every type of skin. Whether you have red wavy spider veins or small veins on the face or large blue-green colored veins on the legs, this method can produce effective results. Moreover, it is very easy to utilize and cheaper. Gather required information about the treatment first, then get the treatment. 


Laser Vein treatment cost:


The laser treatment cost for leg veins may be around  $312.  In order to eliminate facial veins, your doctor may charge up to $150 for each treatment session. If you have several spider veins, the price may cost up to several hundred dollars.

Consult your doctor first to get the expected results.

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