Kim Kardashian And Pete Davidson Dating

Kim had time to hide her romance with Pete. In order to keep Kanye West's feelings.


Kim Kardashian and presenter Pete Davidson are officially in a relationship. The news of the two dating has been confirmed by their closest source.

As is known, Kim was appointed to host the event hosted by Pete. The two of them had the opportunity to present the "Saturday Night Live" program together.

Before long, Pete and Kim were found holding hands outside the shooting of "Saturday Night Live". because of that, Pete and Kim's dating speculation grew stronger.

As if it was true, Kim and Pete had recently returned to spending time together. The two were found having a romantic dinner. on Staten Island, Pete's hometown.

The news was confirmed by a close source. The source claimed that Pete and Kim's relationship was still relatively relaxed. To Entertainment Tonight.

The two also have not thought about taking their relationship to a more serious realm.

Pete is said to be enthusiastic about all things Kim. On the other hand, it is claimed that Kim also likes Pete.

"Kim and Pete have a casual date and see where it goes," the source said. "Pete really likes Kim. excited about him. Kim likes Pete too, but not in a hurry to get into anything serious."

Kim was then claimed to want to keep Kanye West's feelings. Because of that Kim and Pate had kept their relationship a secret from the public.

she was afraid that Kanye wouldn't accept it... so she did things she didn't want. because Kanye is still trying to keep his marriage to Kim.

"Kim has protected Kanye and his feelings and has tried to keep his relationship with Pete under wraps," the source said. "Because he doesn't know how he's going to react."

It is said that Kanye is often unpredictable. Another source revealed that Kanye often acts according to his mood. That's why.

Kim seems to be careful about maintaining a relationship with Kanye so that the two can still be good parents to their four children.

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