Which outstanding players won FIFA 22 TOTW honors

Which outstanding players won FIFA 22 TOTW honors

As a football weekend is coming to an end, some outstanding players worthy of FIFA 22 TOTW appear in front of the players. Joao Cancelo played a blind role in one of the most dominant Macchester Derbys in recent memory. City made almost no mistakes in the FIFA Coins entire game, and it is easy to win by a bigger advantage than them.

Both goals in the game were created by Cancelo, who dominated the entire right side of the court throughout the game. First, he made a dangerous cross, which was turned into a net by Eric Bailly, and then allowed Bernardo Silva to score before halftime. How to get a place in FIFA 22 TOTW is a master class on how to play the role of modern full-back/full-back.

Christopher Nkunku is slowly becoming a name that cannot be ignored in European football. He played week after week in RB Leipzig, and he staged another star performance against Dortmund this weekend. He showed incredible skill and presence on the court, and won a goal and an assist for himself in a 2-1 victory, which was the first time Leipzig defeated Dortmund in more than four years.

His highlights of this FUT 22 Coins season alone may attract the attention of some elite clubs in January. If he is selected, this will be his second selection to FIFA 22 TOTW. Paris Saint-Germain is a very strange team this season because they often find themselves in close matches in the league and many people think they will dominate. Their defensive weaknesses usually have to be saved by their offensive abilities, and they need to do the same this weekend.

With a score of 3-2, Neymar Jr. successfully scored two goals for himself in an excellent overall performance. This season he has been trying to find the net post, so this performance may mark his fate has begun to change. If selected, this will be his first participation in FIFA 22 TOTW. If players want to have excellent players in their team, they can visit UTnice to purchase a large amount of FIFA 22 Coins, and then purchase high OVR player cards in the game.


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