Intercession of Himachali Widow

I got a chance to chudai Hindi Bhabhi in Chandigarh. He emailed me after reading my story. That Paharan sister-in-law was a widow. The fire of her pussy called me!

Friends, I am Vikas once again with another new real sex story for all of you. Ahmedabad Escorts

This Hindi bhabhi ki chudai incident happened to me sometime back.
you my story last story
Delhi's sister-in-law's suffering youth
Heartfelt thanks for giving so much love.

After reading my previous story, I received many emails, one of which was also from Jhalak Bhabhi.
I have changed the name for privacy. Jhalak Bhabhi was a resident of Himachal. She used to work in Chandigarh.

Jhalak liked my story very much and asked - is this story real?
I told him - yes, it is all true.
That's how we both started talking on the mail.

Then Jhalak told me about her life that she is a widow. Ahmedabad Escort Service His husband had died in an accident. Now she lives with her mother-in-law.

Slowly Jhalak started talking openly and both of us started talking on Hangouts by mail.
When she was convinced, she gave her number and started talking on the call.

Then she told about her married life that her husband used to drink. Then after two years of marriage, she died in an accident.

Since then Jhalak had become quite lonely.

Jhalak told that he read my story which he liked very much and that is why he spoke to me and expressed his desire to meet.

Then she sent her photo, seeing that it was very beautiful. She is the owner of a good body. His size must have been around 34-28-32.
After that he asked to meet me.

Then on Saturday night I asked to come to Chandigarh.

On Saturday I left Ambala at 4 pm.
Reaching Chandigarh at five o'clock and called Jhalak, he said that wait at the bus stand, I will come in ten minutes.

After waiting for a while a white colored Swift car arrived and just then I got a call from Jhalak on my phone.
He asked me to come near the car. Ahmedabad Call Girls

He himself opened the window as soon as I got to the car.
He asked me to sit in the car.

Seeing the glimpse as soon as he sat in the car, he kept looking at him.

She came in a black sari and looked very beautiful.

Sitting in the car, I just stared at the glimpse.

My attention was broken when the sound of glimpse echoed in my ears.
Jhalak said- Where are you lost? What are you seeing like this?
I- Jhalak ji, have seen a lot of ladies, but have not seen like you.

Glimpse - Never mind, today you will get the full chance! Whatever you want to see, watch it wholeheartedly.
Saying this she started laughing.

I kept looking at Jhalak and felt very lucky that a beautiful woman like Jhalak was going to kiss me today.

After driving for a while, Jhalak stopped the car in front of a kothi. Escorts in Ahmedabad

Both of us got down from the car and went to that kothi, seeing that Jhalak was the daughter-in-law of a very big house.

Jhalak was walking ahead and I could see his ass thrashing behind him.

Going inside, Jhalak asked me to sit and went to get water herself and brought water in two glasses.

She gave me a glass and sat down next to me on the sofa lying there.

While drinking water, he talked about it here and there and he told that his mother-in-law has gone to her daughter's place, that is, her sister-in-law. She was alone in the house.

As soon as I heard about being alone in the house, my cock immediately stood up.
As I put the glass to the side, I filled the glimpse in my arms; While kissing on her cheeks, pressing her delicate lips in his lips started sucking their juice.

As Jhalak was already waiting, she was giving my full support.

While kissing him slowly, I gestured him to open my mouth with my tongue and started sucking by pulling his tongue.

Sometimes I would put my tongue in the mouth of the one who started sucking the glimpse and sometimes she would put the tongue in my mouth.

While kissing for a long time, I side her saree with one hand and started pressing her big nipples on top of her blouse, due to which the sound of ahh came out from her mouth.

I started pressing the nipples sharply and his hiss started coming out. Call Girls in Ahmedabad
Jhalak started to suffer more, she started kissing harder.

Now I tried to open her blouse with one hand.
When the blouse did not open, I grabbed it tightly and in one stroke tore it apart from Jhalak's body.

I took out both his boobs and started sucking one in the mouth and started pressing the other.

Her boobs were very tight and very white, seeing that it was heartbreaking to eat.

As I was sucking on Jhalak's boobs, the sounds coming out of his mouth were getting louder.
I took one hand down and untied Jhalak's sari to the side and pulled open the nada of her petticoat in one stroke.

Then as soon as I put my hand in Jhalak's panties, I felt my hand on her smooth pussy.
There was not a single hair on her pussy and her pussy was feeling very wet.

As soon as I put a finger in her pussy, I came to know that her pussy is very tight.
A loud sigh came out of Jhalak's mouth and he wrapped me around him.
She started getting very hot. Airhostess Call Girls

As soon as I started putting my finger in her pussy, her breathing started moving very fast and her nipples started moving up and down.

When my finger went inside her pussy, her thighs would spread.

She starts trying to take my whole hand inside like picking up the pussy.

Now his yearning went on increasing and at a time

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