How to find a contractor for building a house and not be left without money

When choosing concrete contractors in NYC, the expert advises it is essential to evaluate its work experience - the number of years on the market in a single legal entity and the number of facilities built. Legal reliability can be checked using analytical services, for example, SPARK.

A person who decides to build a country house inevitably faces the difficulty of choosing a contractor entrusted with the construction. Finding a bona fide company is not easy; there is a chance of encountering non-professionals or fraudsters. To avoid such situations, we have collected several rules for interaction with contractors together with experts.

It will mainly focus on situations when a person (customer) contacts a construction company. Relationships with private teams, which are practically unregulated, are not covered in this article.

The agony of choice: where to look for builders.

Internet and thematic forums

One of the first questions that arise when building a house is where to look for a good contractor. You can start searching on the Internet by examining company websites and thematic forms. But do not forget that a website for a construction company is a way of promoting and advertising. It is not difficult to create a beautiful page, place the built houses (pictures may well be borrowed from open sources - up to foreign sites or catalogs of competitors), generate reviews from photos - it is not difficult, but this is not yet an indicator of reliability, says the general director of the manufacturer of prefabricated panel houses Valdek Dmitry Apanasenko.

A large number of laudatory reviews on the Internet should rather alert than, please. Many large companies simply hire SMM professionals to generate positive online reviews. Another reason to be on your guard: a large number of negative reviews, especially with situations of the same type," he said.

You can also refer to the reviews of thematic bloggers. Of course, you shouldn't rely only on their advice and recommendations - there are not so many natural builders with experience and competence among bloggers. But it is better to consider the recommendations of friends and neighbors about construction companies - this way, you can get honest feedback and evaluate the quality of construction work.

Exhibitions and references

Another way to find a contractor is to visit thematic exhibitions - Low-Rise Country, Open Village, and others. Typically, such exhibitions represent a "street" with samples of office houses from various companies. Here you can get advice and see examples of work. Such exhibitions may be of interest to those who want to understand construction technologies and what kind of configuration a house needs. But one should not forget that this is an exhibition and advertising objects are presented there.

"Participation in the exhibition does not guarantee one hundred percent decency of the developer, because the entrance here is relatively inexpensive. A company can only appear, put up a stand, and say - "we are builders." Although in this regard we are trying to carry out a strict selection", - said the founder of the Open Village project Vladislav Kopitsa.

It is better to approach the choice comprehensively: to study the company's website, reviews on the Internet, go to an exhibition, and, of course, to its office. "I recommend reading the management to understand who will be in charge of building your home. Be sure to look at the projects under construction - and not just one, but several. This will make it possible to understand how the company builds the construction process, which specialists are employed at the construction site," advises Vladislav Kopitsa.

What to focus on when choosing a contractor

When choosing concrete contractors in NYC, the expert advises it is essential to evaluate its work experience - the number of years on the market in a single legal entity and the number of facilities built. Legal reliability can be checked using analytical services, for example, SPARK. "Modern programs analyze the reliability index, reflect litigation, both in the active phase and the past - important, by the way, information for analysis. The ability to communicate with real customers is also very important," said the head of Valdez.

According to the founder of the Open Village project, the work experience should be at least five years, and during all this time, the name of the company has not changed. "If a company has five years of experience and not a single litigation, this is already a good indicator. If the company constantly changes its names, this should alert the customer," he explained.

The deal is more valuable than money.

The key to a successful house construction is a competently drawn-up contract (the fact that it should be in principle is a mandatory condition, experts emphasize). The most important thing is to correctly spell out the parties' responsibility: who is responsible for what and in what time frame, as well as indicate the payment procedure.

Construction control

In building a house, it is imperative to have control points - this is also better to indicate in the contract. For example, it can be video broadcasts from the site (in real-time) or photo reports that the contractor must send. But it is better to periodically visit the construction site yourself. "I recommend that a person does not accept work on his own, it is better to use the service of "technical supervision." It is difficult for a person without competence in construction to understand how well the work is done, whether the building materials correspond to those declared in the project, and so on. Experts will help supervise this process," added the founder of the Open Village project.

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