You will have the ability to earn these

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So, have you ever learned about the Archaeology skill? But the joy is there is a whole lot more to OSRS gold talk about.

That is because Archaeology is so much more than an art. On the flip side, it is a gathering skill, similar to woodcutting fishing. It is all about getting your knees dirty to collect puzzle pieces from our past. On the other hand, it is a manufacturing ability like Smithing or even Fletching, putting these artefacts back together to create paintings that are real. And it is swathes of loot, all excited to be unearthed, including three new kinds of reward that will change how all of us play (especially higher level players)!

You'll find all this and more in January 2020. Let us start digging in... Archaeology, the Gathering Skill. Welcome to the humble mattock -- the pickaxe, if you may, of Archaeology. You will have the ability to earn these, and you're going to experience that simple joy of progressing throughout the mattocks as you level. For the hardcore among you, there are particular ones to locate; you've probably have a great notion of how you will add the crystal mattock, Imcando mattock and Buy RS gold the mattock of distance and time, for example.


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