Having Keratosis Pilaris? Kp Exfoliating Wash to your Rescue

Skin woes can occur to anyone and keratosis pilaris is one such skin care woe. We may develop kp in our course of life.

Skin woes can occur to anyone and keratosis pilaris is one such skin care woe. We may develop kp in our course of life. What is keratosis pilaris exactly? Those red bumps appearing over the body, especially armsides, are keratosis pilaris. The main contributor for this is the excessive production of keratin, a skin protein that blocks the hair follicles. It is a medically harmless skin condition.


Dermatologists have ascertained that certain exfoliating products can bring some respite in the condition of keratosis pilaris. Keeping this in mind, we have developed kp exfoliating wash that has the best formulation to treat and manage kp and make it unnoticeable. This kp exfoliating washis dermatologically tested and is safe for all the skin types.


Touch's kp exfoliating wash has been formulated with the best ingredients that hold the power to fight against those red bumps of keratosis pilaris. This keratosis pilaris body wash is ultra lathering, sulphate free body wash with glycolic acid. Glycolic acid is a miraculous skin care ingredient that has the power to fight against keratosis pilaris since ages. It is a blessing in the world of skincare.


Glycolic acid can make the symptoms of keratosis pilaris unnoticeable. This is the best exfoliator for keratosis pilaris. It has fifteen percent glycolic acid which makes it the best body wash for keratosis pilaris. This body wash also has salicylic acid. This acid is also a helpful ingredient that works to reduce those red bumps of keratosis pilaris. Both the acids are added in the apt concentration and all this makes it the best exfoliator for keratosis pilaris.


This Touch kp exfoliating wash provides you with dual exfoliation and works like a professional treatment at home. This body wash exfoliates and breaks the glue that holds all these problems of skin together. The penetration also reduces redness and inflammation and reduces and prevents body acne.


Exfoliating acids are sensitive to pH levels and that's why, we designed this body wash to have a lower pH that can make sure that effectiveness is not lost. Problem skin can be treated with this body wash. This is also loaded with other skin care ingredients. You get aloe vera, gotu kola, and vitamin e which are very helpful in preventing either skin drying or irritation. Not just kp, this lotion works for other skin problems along with it.


Head to the official website - www.mytouchskincare.com to know more about it and buy the product. Thinking about how to use it? Take a small amount on your body loofah or washcloth, work it into a rich lather and massage gently over the wet skin, especially the affected areas and then rinse thoroughly.


Our kp care body wash is here to take care of all the kp symptoms. Follow it up with an exfoliating lotion to get the best results. You will love your skin as it will transform into the best with repeated use.


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