Why is my AOL mail not working with Outlook?

Why is my AOL mail not working with Outlook?

As a user it could be quite irritating and frustrating if your AOL mail not working and we have noticed that this is the complaint of many users nowadays that is why we have  bought some simple and easy ways which can be executed by the users to get rid of the problems of the AOL mail in the Outlook. 

Reasons because of which the AOL email might not be working with the outlook – 

    1. There might be some issues with your incoming server details; they might not be entered correctly. 
    2. The AOL is not synced with the outlook successfully which is causing troubles. 

Solutions to the problems mentioned above – 

Now that we know the reasons because of which the problem could be arising, let us move ahead to look for the solutions of the problems. 

  1. The very first thing a user should try is to change or update the password of the  account – 
  • Firstly look for the email accounts or the account settings section in the application. 
  • After this select your AOL account and then update the new password which is different from the previous one. 
  1. The second method is that the users should check the details of the incoming server if they are not to the point and at place then it will create problems like AOL not working
  2. The other way is to update the application of Email which means the mail app. Maybe the problem of AOL working with Outlook is occurring because of the outdated version of the email app. That is why you have to update the Gmail app and then check whether your problem has been fixed or not.

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