Tips for using the laser pointer

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The current laser safety standards are generally aimed at professional laser operators. Some of the contents are of reference value for ordinary people. For example, never look directly at the high power laser pointer beam. Don't forget to wear corresponding protective glasses and do not use microscopes in laser environments. , Binoculars and other optical instruments to observe the laser beam, do not wear watches, jewelry and other strong reflective accessories, people who are often exposed to laser should check their eyes regularly, and strictly abide by the warning rules of laser products.

First, you need to choose a Green laser pointer. This is because the human eye can easily see green. You can see red, purple, and blue, but green is easy to see and can be used at low power while improving visibility. The visibility of the 5mW green laser is 5-10 times that of the 5mW red laser. Next, you need to start with a laser pointer from 5mW to 50mW. This is because it is safe to use without glasses, but there is enough power to point out things.

Laser pointer safety tips

When observing the starry sky with a blue laser pointer, you should always follow some safety precautions.
The following are some simple laser pointer safety precautions:
Double check the laser level and make sure it meets the regulations
Do not point the laser directly at others

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