Although I am a fan of the PvP aspect of Armadyl against Bandos

Although I am a fan of the PvP aspect of Armadyl against Bandos

4, Even sides. Jagex and I aren't able to OSRS Gold control it, but this makes events a lot more enjoyable when everyone is on the same page. Everyone knew Saradomin would win the first one however it was a close one. The lopsided margin also rears its ugly head in PvP more, which might be one of the main reasons that more players are complaining this time about.

Although I am a fan of the PvP aspect of Armadyl against Bandos There are still issues with EoC player-to-player combat. I wish it could go further. Everyone deserves to be treated equally. Most of the players at this stage have advanced levels, so it's unlikely that any novices are being swindled. You might be worried about this. Perhaps there should be +/- 40 combat levels to attack like Wilderness. (Unless you turn on PvP, then everyone can attack everyone). It is possible to argue that skilled players should be exempt from PvP, but you have to accept that those who attack the convoys should be fair game to play PvP. Let us know your thoughts.

The bad changes to the game have been the focus of so much attention here and everywhere else. Things like Squeal of Fortune and EOC are getting trashed all over the place. So instead of focusing on the things that are wrong I suggested that we use a topic to talk about what is right.

Here are some recent changes I like... The Music - Definitely one of  Buy RS 2007 Gold the most effective modifications available. It enhances the enjoyment of the game. It is also easily listened to. Graphics - Although I love older graphics, I find the newer graphics more appealing. Although they aren't new I thought I'd post them anyway since they are always being updated. I'm a bit nostalgic for the older EOC armor graphics though.


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