Verónica Lozano wears the most flattering outfits for all

Verónica Lozano knows that a suit will never fail us, regardless of the situation or the time of day. The driver has infallible advice so that the suit becomes your most important ally.

Verónica Lozano is one of the most stylish conductors on Argentine television and she loves to wear suits. We know that suits are that set that gets us out of any trouble, be it day or night, and the host helps us to dress them up. better way with these tips.
Verónica Lozano has a fondness for avant-garde outfits and also classics. We selected three of her looks to inspire you to wear them in different ways, from the most sober to the most fun.

What is more classic than a white outfit? Verónica Lozano shows how elegant they look, as well as being the most versatile for different occasions, especially in summer and during the day.

A white suit can be combined with a shirt, top, blouse or basic T-shirt in a vibrant color or even white, if you want to achieve a monochromatic look.

Verónica Lozano knows how to relax a look. In this case, he has a beige suit with cropped pants and a blazer whose metallic sandals and a T-shirt make the style much more casual and informal than the previous one. The host chose this shiny silver suit , disco style, thanks to her oxford pants and her long jacket. Verónica Lozano added a t-shirt with a print to "lower" the look a bit to a suit that you can also wear during the day.

Verónica Lozano has the outfits that most favor everyone regardless of the season of the year or time of day.



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