The Pros and Cons of Building with Expandable Container House

The Pros and Cons of Building with Expandable Container House

In today’s modern world, there are becoming more efficient ways to use the materials and products that already exist.

Those products and materials go from being an item that’s out of its time to something that can be used for a greater purpose.

Such is the way that shipping containers are now being used as a brilliant way of building homes for people to live in.

This trend is becoming more and more popular around the world for several key reasons that benefit both the buyer and the Earth.

Here are several benefits of shipping container homes, and why you should heavily consider using this style for your new home.

Each 40-foot shipping container can hold 64,000 pounds. The containers get welded to plates that are cast into the foundation or footings to anchor them, which makes them far stronger than a “stick-built” house, which is a great advantage for areas susceptible to high winds and storms.

The combination of a Corten steel exterior and a metal roof is far more resistant to the elements than traditional materials often found in stick-built houses. They also require less maintenance than wood houses, which can save money over the long-term.

Although each project requires extensive advance-planning, once the foundation is ready the process moves quickly. Within two days the containers can be placed and the roof trusses can be built, with the fully sealed structure ready within two weeks.

When you build a structure out of shipping containers, you are using a fully recycled product, without consuming the energy required to scrap and melt down the material. This can help achieve the necessary credits for LEED-certified homes.

When you combine the industrial feel of corrugated steel with other materials such as glass and wood, the houses become dramatic, sophisticated, and beautiful. Are you considering building a Expandable Container House? If you are interested in PTH Expandable Container House , please do not hesitate to contact us by click

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