Carpet Steam Cleaning or Dry Which Method is more Effective?

Hot water extraction cleaning is another term for carpet steam cleaning.

You probably don't realise it, but your carpet is one of the most important long-term investments you can make for your home. This is why it's critical that if you do decide to get it cleaned, you have all of the information you need to make the best decision possible.

The amount of water used in the process is the fundamental difference between carpet dry cleaning and carpet steam cleaning. At the end of the day, the quality of the outcomes is mostly determined by the technician's competence, the chemicals employed and the equipment's efficiency.

Here's a quick review of everything you need to know.





The Process:


A pre-vacuum is used to target dry soil before a carpet is dry cleaned. This should also be done before to a steam clean to prevent the soil from becoming wet during the extraction process.The use of a particular dry-cleaning solution, developed using a combination of dry cleaning solvents carried in water, is part of a carpet dry-cleaning process.The solution dissolves the oily residue in the carpet, which is what causes the dark spots on your carpet. 

Soils and stains are easily removed as the solution breaks down the oily residue.The technician will use a conditioning rinse after submerging cotton absorbent pads in hot water. The pads are placed on a rotary machine, which spins at a high speed to remove dirt from the carpet and deposit it on the pads. 

Throughout the process, the pads will be changed on a regular basis.


How Does It Work?


The dry cleaning solutions are a crucial part of the carpet dry cleaning procedure. If the solution works, it will be able to remove more stains than conventional cleaning methods.

E Dry Carpet Dry Cleaning creates its own proprietary carpet dry cleaning technologies that achieve exceptional results. The technique we utilise restores your carpet's chemical balance, restoring its showroom lustre.One of the best things about carpet dry cleaning is that it leaves the carpet walk-on dry, which means it will be completely dry in about an hour.




The Process:


Hot water extraction cleaning is another term for carpet steam cleaning.

The steam cleaning process includes saturating your carpet with hot water, which is then extracted along with the filth.A good steam cleaner will pre-treat stains and utilise a pre spray to break down the carpet's surface tension. This allows the water to go deeper into the carpet and clean it more thoroughly.


How Does It Work?


The expert must use effective cleaning materials, agitate the carpet, and take the time to remove all of the water from the carpet in order for it to be effective. The carpet might take up to 24 hours to dry, and in extreme circumstances, even days.Steam cleaning may not be efficient in removing oily stains without appropriate pre-treatment.  It's aggravating to see a stain resurface after a steam clean; this could be due to the oily residue not being entirely cleaned and the dirt still sticking to it.


Why not try a dual clean?


We recognise that steam cleaning and dry cleaning have distinct advantages, so we provide a “dual clean” service that combines the two procedures. 

This service is for carpets that are very dirty, and it takes advantage of the steam clean rinse and stain removal benefits for a better result. Please keep in mind that a dual clean typically costs 80% more than a normal clean.




Both procedures can be effective, but carpet steam cleaning ardeer takes significantly longer to dry and may not be as effective as dry cleaning in removing stains.  Because carpet dry cleaning utilises very little water, it will be completely dry in about one hour. 

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