The Meseta System In PSO2 New Genesis Has Changed

Sega changed the Meseta system in PSO2 New Genesis, allowing players to obtain more currency.

PSO2 New Genesis is a free game released by Sega, which has attracted a large number of players. When we enter this game, we should know that the most important item in this game is PSO2 Meseta, using these currencies we can buy all the equipment we want.

However, many players choose to buy PSO2 Meseta because we cannot get enough currency in the game. Now that Sega has noticed this problem and made changes, let's take a look at it below.

If you're one of those Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis gamers who experienced that N-Meseta achievement wasn't pretty ideal, it turns out you were proper. Sega validated that the quantity made through players weekly was less than anticipated. Thus, they've included a lot more weekly tasks to enhance what players get. It looks like an interesting way to go given that accepting this seems to be to indicate that the devs counted on gamers to get the necessary quantity of N-Meseta from the existing task listing.

An extra improvement they're creating is to avoid gamers from generating extra accounts and use all of them to farm PSO2 Meseta for a key profile. To accomplish this, they've adjusted when the private store feature becomes available to brand-new profiles. Depending on the post, this has been effective sufficient to reduce the activity by 90%. They likewise aim to apply account restrictions to those discovered to become taking part in this activity.

After the currency system is changed, players can get more PSO2 Meseta in the game, which is of great help to players. We can use these currencies to buy and strengthen more powerful weapons and equipment.

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