How To Write A Fully Balanced Essay In UPSC?

The essay paper in the UPSC Mains consists of 250 marks and can be said to be a deciding factor for all UPSC aspirants. Many practice the essay test series to secure good marks and qualify for the personality test round. In short, the way you write an essay for the UPSC can either make you

After the change in syllabus after 2013, now, candidates are asked to write two essays within three hours on diverse topics. The word count for each essay is 1000 to 1200 words. The paper is divided into two sections, A and B, and each section has four essay topics. Candidates have to choose one from each section. Therefore, one essay consists of 125 marks. You can also join Online UPSC Coaching.

The genesis of an essay 

An essay is a writing piece that gathers your ideas in a sequential format and is written professionally. In other words, the essay you write should be presented and structured well. On reading your essays, the readers must find no difficulty in understanding your ideas. The essay should look as clean and straightforward as possible and present any hurdle to the reader. The style of the essays should be not only readable but also enjoyable. 

If you have to write good essays, here are some points which, if you follow, is sure to give you good results: 

  1. Remember that writing an essay requires your factual knowledge and information and requires your creativity, capacity to write correctly, and inventive spirit. 
  2. When writing essays, it is essential to choose the words wisely and write accurate statements. Any biasness in the essay will go against you and add to your demerit. For example, it is useless to gather negative markings for favouring one of your preferred political parties or organizations. 
  3. The best way to use the right words is to choose a set of words that can fit your essay in the best possible manner. 
  4. Add powerful and relevant opinions and statements wherever possible. Of course, it would be better if you could add some quotations of eminent personalities. However, the only important thing you should keep in mind is never tampered with when writing citations. If you forget the exact quote, you can write it in your own words. Writing an erroneous quotation will be marked negatively. 
  5. Many candidates make the error of deviating from the topic. Instead, they should maintain closeness to the subject matter. Writing irrelevant stuff is simply wasting time. Since there is a time limit to finish the paper, write to the point and explain your thoughts clearly. 
  6. The introduction of the essay should capture all the necessary points that you want to include in your essay in brief. Make sure you write the introduction as concisely as possible. 
  7. When writing essays, there are three things that you need to keep in mind – accuracy, brevity and correctness. Also, some marks are allotted for grammar. Therefore, every sentence in the essays should be grammatically correct. 
  8. There is s sequence by which you need to arrange the ideas in an essay. After screen the essay topic, you should jot down the ideas in a sequence and innovate them. Ensure to gather as much information as possible about the topic. 


Therefore, if you do not want to get stuck in UPSC essays, make sure you follow the tips mentioned above. For better preparation, you can also follow some reference books. The more standard articles you read, the better can you write. 

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