The remaining five however are subject to debate

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The likes of Mathieu, Baker, Bates, Mut 22 coins Simmons, and Smith are all worthy of places in the Top 10. .

The ratings of Hyde and Poyer are still not known. EA has released only the ratings of certain rookies , as well as the top ten players at certain positions.

If you examine Hyde and Poyer against some of the Top 10 safeties, it's evident the reason why they should be placed higher.

In the year 2020, Poyer finished with 124 combined tackles, five passes defended, two forced fumbles, two interceptions as well as two sacks. Hyde completed the season with 70 combined tackles, five passes defended, and an interception. The numbers are definitely similar to those of some safeties from Madden 22's Top 10.

The best place to begin could be with Devin McCourty. McCourty recorded 68 total tackles in 2020 and six passes he protected. Additionally, he had two interceptions. McCourty's numbers don't seem to be much more impressive than Poyer and Hyde's. McCourty should be rated higher in Poyer than McCourty. Hyde should be within three.

Another interesting rating will be to find out what the Browns' defensive rating for this season is and how it compares to the previous season. We all know how difficult it was to watch the Browns defense in action in 2020.

For the Browns They could be one of the teams that start at the top of the league based on totals of the team, solely because they look amazing on paper.

The Kansas City Chiefs have their best players in their video games. "Madden NFL 22" that provides the player's ratings, proves that the team has received a lot of positive feedback from fans for the upcoming season.

Travis Kelce, Chiefs TE has recently joined the 99 Club. Tyreek Hill was revealed as one of the most highly-rated and fastest receivers in the game. Tyrann Mathieu, Chiefs defensive leader, will join the team, and show the real-world results within the videogames franchise.

Mathieu is a player with a 95 overall rating is the highest-rated player in Madden NFL 22's safeties list. Here are the top 10 safeties

The last time, Mathieu was ranked the second-best behind Vikings safety Harrison Smith at 93 overall. Mathieu proved last season when he played for the Chiefs that there is no other safety in the league that has the same impact on the field like Mathieu. He's now being recognized for that success by EA's rating adjustors ahead of 2021's NFL season.

Mathieu also saw some support from one of the top players ever to achieve this feat Mathieu also received some support from one of the greatest to ever do it, with Hall of Fame CB Deion Sanders talking about his Madden score.

Mathieu has to show his brilliance mut coins this time around, considering it's the start of a new season. The 95 overall score from "Madden NFL 22" could serve as an inspiring reminder of what has already been accomplished, and also encourage Mathieu to persevere.


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