Your Canon Printer Is Offline? Here’s What You Need To Do

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Canon is known for making the best wired and wireless printers today. The company established itself a long time in the printer industry and still sells billions of printers, parts, and cartridges every year. Even though the printers manufactured by Canon offer a smooth printing process, you may struggle with some issues. One of them is the offline status of your printer. You’ll often find people typing “my canon printer not printing” on Google search without knowing about this problem. If you’re facing the same issue, this article will surely help you.

There are three methods to fix this error, so let’s get on with the first one:

Restart Printer Spooler service

  • Open the Start menu, type “services”, and you’ll see “Services (desktop app)” on your screen.
  • Click on it and you’ll see a list, choose “Print Spooler” there. Right-click on it and click “restart”.
  • If you see that the “restart” option is grayed out, you can click on “start” instead.
  • Right-click on the same Printer Spooler again and select “Properties”.
  • From there, switch the setup type to automatic and click “OK” to save the changes made.
  • Restart your PC.

Uncheck Use Printer Offline

  • Open the “Control Panel” on your desktop first if your Canon printer is showing offline.
  • Then, choose Hardware and Sound from the list.
  • Open it and select Devices and Printers.
  • You’ll see your Canon printer there, just right-click on it and choose the “See what’s printing” option.
  • Uncheck the Use Printer Offline first and then click again on the printer to choose Cancel All Documents.

Reinstall Your Canon Printer Software

Sometimes, your Canon printer is offline because of a driver issue. The problem may occur if you forgot to install the driver on your PC or laptop. Follow these steps to get rid of this problem due to missing software of driver:

  • Open the Run command by pressing Windows key + R together.
  • Type “devmgmt.msc” in the box and click OK to proceed further
  • You’ll find your printer under the print queues, just right-click on it and select Uninstall device.
  • This will uninstall the driver from the PC or laptop.
  • To install it again, open the official website of Cannon and search for the compatible driver for your printer.
  • Download the driver and install it by following the right instructions.

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