Eyeliner For Round Eyes

Eyeliner for round eyes can be tricky because this area of the face tends to draw attention away from the face itself. Because of this, a woman who wants to look her best when wearing makeup will usually choose one of the following techniques to apply eye makeup around the eyes.

The best Eyeliner For Round Eyes is one that accentuates the natural width of the eye. When it comes to eyeliner for round eyes, you should really try to shorten the eye by drawing attention upwards towards the middle of the forehead. If you have narrow eyes that are not wide at all, you should shorten the eye by drawing it a little bit wider at the temples. Either fill the lower lash line with a darker color or smudge dark eyeliner into the lower and middle lash areas with a large feather dauber to give your eyes definition.

This type of eyeliner is usually used for people with almond eyes. The best look with this type of eyeliner is a slightly darkened but not totally black color. Most women who have almond eyes find it is easier to draw the eye outline with a pencil, while some people with this eye shape find it is easiest to use a brush. To get the look of definition, draw the outline of the eye directly over the area where your eyes meet. You can also use a liquid eyeliner to create the outside corner of the eye, which will help you define your eye shape.


Apply the Winged Eyeliner to your Upper Lid

For those who have a heart shaped face, you can create a unique look by applying winged eyeliner to the upper part of your upper lid. To achieve the appearance of width, hold a finger underneath the center of your eye, while lightly pulling the bottom edge of the finger upward. You will notice the two halves of your eye beginning to overlap one another as your eyeliner brush is pulled downward. To make sure your winged eyeliner lines are exactly straight, apply the winged eyeliner to your upper lid using an upward-swept stroke from the outside corner inwards to define the shape of your eye.



For those who have close-set eyes, the best way to apply eyeliner for round eyes is to draw on the outer corners only. To do this, pull your lower lid slightly away from your forehead. Then, using an inside out Stroke, draw a line just below your lower lashes. Once you have drawn the line, use a white pencil to fill in the area. You should not be able to see any outline of the eyelid when you are finished.

Create a more Pronounced Cheekbone

For those with oval eyes and the like, you need to know how to make eye-shadows that compliment your eye shape. The best color match is a neutral shade that will complement most colors. One of the most popular colors to make eye shadows for people with almond eyes is a shade of brown or bronze. Choose a highlighter shade to draw attention to your eyes in a flattering way.

For those with a cream under eye make-up and semi-sheer skin, a good technique is to apply the eyeliner to your upper lid and blend it upward to your lower lash line. To create a definition within your eye makeup, apply your eyeliner to your lower eyelashes and blend them upwards using a highlighter shade. To create a more pronounced cheekbone, add some volume along the crease of your cheekbones.

Eyeliner can be used to add emphasis to your eyes. If you have eyes that are naturally more prominent than other areas of your face, such as your forehead or cheeks, the best eyeliner for you would be a Darker Shade For Eyeliner that will draw attention to your eyes. If you have slightly more of a natural looking face, such as an inverted triangle, chances are good that your eye colors are somewhat neutral. In order to find the best eyeliner for your particular eye shape, experiment with different shades until you find the one that suits you best.

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