Blizzard first detailed Shadowlands in Blizzcon 2019.

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If you've been having trouble getting Shadowlands' ray-tracing to kick , Blizzard's got some help on the official forums. You're going to want a GPU that supports ray tracing tier 1.1, with the newest drivers, as well as the Wow gold classic May 2020 update for Windows 10 -- and, clearly, you ought to be using DirectX 12.

As announced earlier this week, the GeForce 452.06 driver provides additional support for your WoW Shadowlands beta. You can head to the Blizzard website to opt-in to get an opportunity at beta access, too.

The people at Wowhead have captured a load of comparison shots to show what those ray-traced shadows seem like. It is a pity WoW ray tracing will not go beyond shadows for now, since the stylised design and easy character models would look incredible beneath the spotlight of extremely realistic light.

Blizzard first detailed Shadowlands in Blizzcon 2019. The expansion features five brand new zones for players to explore, a revamped leveling system which compresses the older one to 60 levels and new personalization options, including the choice to change the gender of your character without paying a fee.

Alongside a launch date, Blizzard shared Afterlives: Bastion, the first of four animated shorts designed to expand the story of Shadowlands. The brief centers on a familiar face from the Warcraft world: Uther. If you played Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, you will know the prior Paladin as mentor of Arthas Menethil, the character who'd become one of Warcraft's most infamous villains.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands big pre-expansion event is live on the test servers and it has unleashed an unfathomably big zombie plague on gamers, turning Azeroth's capital cities into undead wastelands. Countless zombies are stalking the streets, devouring any NPC they could find--even including a few that provide quests--and turning them into the undead. Players that get within arm's reach may also be infected, so giving them special zom-bilities and allowing them attack other players to spread the disease. Obviously, Azeroth is in utter chaos.

To be clear, this is not occurring from the live version of the game but on its own public servers. It is here that Blizzard tests upcoming modifications to the game, like the coming level cap squish (maximum level players will only be level 50, with the new level cap being 60 when Shadowlands releases) along with the overhauled new player experience. Butsometime after this autumn, this event will launch on live servers--and when it's anything like what's happening today, it'll be a bloodbath.

I am not exactly certain if the event is functioning as planned. The auction house, sellers, and buy classic gold wow even the lender are unusable--which may be frustrating for gamers that, when the event is actually live, are just trying to go about their day to day business.


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