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You need to change your focus something else.

Set upright with your shoulders back and take a deep breath until your Nosara CBD Gummies lungs are fully expanded. Hold for a count of 3 exhale deeply. Force your lungs to expel all the air. Repeat this exercise 3 times. You will notice an instant relief of tension throughout your body.

1. Stop thinking about your anxiety

When you are having an anxiety attack you are probably thinking about how you're feeling and wondering what will happen. You are not alone. It is difficult not to think about the sensations and fears that anxiety causes. The more you think about your attack, the more severe it will get and the longer it will last.

You need to change your focus something else. Stop thinking about how you feel and think about something more pleasurable, like your last holiday. Think of places where you feel most relaxed. For many, this is around nature, beside a waterfall or a peaceful lake. Find somewhere that a special for you. Focus your attention there instead of on your anxiety feelings.

2. Focus on problem resolution

Anxiety is often caused by stress as when you are worried about something in your life, which can be your job or your finances or anything else. Asking yourself "How am I going to pay these bills?" or "How am I going to get this job done on time?" will not produce answers.




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