Diablo 2 Resurrected team is"embracing the quirks"

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"It's like video game archaeology, learning the way these things work," explained Vicarious Visions design manager Robert Gallerani. "Because we're using that Diablo 2 Resurrected Items old system to drive things forward, we keep everything the same. Since it is not a movie, we don't need to reconstruct [anything]. It's essentially like we're changing the oil, making sure it operates smoothly, but we are not rebuilding everything. We're literally combing every single piece of code." And, he noticed with a grin,"when we do fix a bug we must be very careful since everything is interconnected."

What he means by that, Fergusson clarified, is that the Diablo 2 Resurrected team is"embracing the quirks." That means some of the now-antiquated (read: goofy by contemporary standards) animations are still there. However, some quality-of-life additions are made. Some are baked in, such as new ambient sounds like wind rustling the leaves in trees and also a shared stash so that you no longer have to make a mule character. Others will probably be opt-in, such as auto-pickup for gold and loot drops for those who don't want to have to click on every single piece of loot on the ground.

On PS5 and Xbox collection X, the team is"using what's there" about the newest consoles, such as the aforementioned higher framerates and resolution as well as the faster loading times the SSD drives manage. Blizzard is considering adding things such as raytracing consequences, but Fergusson was obvious about not promising anything and suggested that if any particular next-gen upgrades are added, they'll come after the game's release later in 2021.

Finally, concerning multiplayer, sofa co-op has not been added -- Fergusson called it"a bridge too far" for this loyal remaster effort -- but all of Diablo 2's first eight-player online performance is still here. And you're going to finally have the option to store characters on Battle.net for dedicated-server playwith. "It's more secure" as it comes to bots, item duping, and other cheating-related issues that ran rampant in Diablo 2 back in the afternoon, Gallerani said.

A technical alpha evaluation is planned for the not too distant future on PC only. Sign-ups will happen on the official Diablo site, and Buy Diablo 2 Items testers will be randomly chosen -- not as how it went with the original Diablo 2 beta back in early 2000.


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