Law Colleges in Pune

The faculty members are highly qualified & competent. Teaching is done by renowned academicians, senior lawyers ,retired judges, corporate professionals,solicitors. The faculty of the college participates regularly in national & international conferences. The college publishes a La

There are many top law colleges in Pune for the degree of Bachelor of Laws. The top law colleges in Pune are definitely tops in the country when it comes to providing top quality education. These top law colleges in Pune offer good Law schools. The average tuition fee at these top law colleges in Pune is around 3000 Rupees/ semester. Law courses at these law colleges are provided in affordable rates. So, if you want to pursue your career in the legal profession, then enroll at one of the top law colleges in Pune.

Good quality of libraries, classroom, infrastructure, etc, at New Law College, Pune Is simply Awesome. All the institutions are good educational institutions. The admission procedure, study program and other course work are good.

In the previous decade, the admission process at the New York law school was very rigid. Only those candidates who scored higher marks were allowed to enter in to the pool of candidates for admission into this prestigious institution. But now, the New Law College Pune has changed its pattern of admission process. It offers admission to candidates who not only qualify for entrance exam but also perform well in the entrance exam.

New law colleges in Pune have also taken some bold steps in increasing the number of students from low income group who can afford to join in to study Law.Quota means that your application is put forward for quota based on your performance. If you get through the pool of candidates well, your quota will be high. Bonus is given to students in the low income group for paying some fee as enrollment fee and if they get through the pool of candidates well then your bonus will be big.

These factors and others make Pune City the best place in the country to study Law. You will have to pay your fees as per the course fee schedule and if you pass the exams, you will have to appear in the Maharashtra State Bar Exam, which will be a tough one but if you do well in your state bar exam then it will be helpful in getting you a very good job in Pune and also the salary will not be small. Learn more



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