my thoughts on our country, hope and my solemn promise

The Philippines, the country of my birth. The land which has given breath to my lungs. What have you become? You were once the pearl of the orient seas. Today, you are just a land striving to survive the harsh conditions begat by your children. You have been my shelter amidst this cruel world. You have given me sustenance in my hunger. My promise to you is to never leave you, in your sorrow, my presence will be there. As you have in mine. I will strive for you. No matter how hopeless your situation will become, I will embrace your bosom like a compassionate son should do. A good lot of my brothers have established comfort in other lands. I tell you now, that I will never abandon you. Hope is never lost. I will never loose my hope, that one you day you will become like the jewel you were once. Politics has taken its toll; they think that power can solve all the dilemmas they fruitfully bestowed upon you. I say that love is the only somber answer to the predicament you possess today. For if there is a single leader who loves you entirety, and then none of these tribulations will arise. All I can do is hope, hope for your absolution, and hope for your completion. My mother, in whose breast I have dwelled. You have always been there in my time of solitude. I will repay you in kind; I will be here till the moment that I become a part of you.

Jesse Ong

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