Due to my wimpy nature*because another black mark

Due to my wimpy nature*because another black mark


I would like to add the following lines. But any idiot could discern what OSRS Gold the chatroom looked in the first few lines. You can join the game at the level 132.

Due to my wimpy nature*because another black mark could likely result in my account being banned* i usually bail out of conversations about this time. But, this was getting very fascinating. The player at level 132 declares that he knows an all-black clan. and player1 declares his father belongs to the klan irl and he hates blacks, Blah.

Mr level the 132 counters are decorated with something similar. "I'll go all black channing up yo asses". The shizzle hits the fan when other slayers join the fray and take sides. There were around 8 of us in the dungeon the time, and everyone except for one level 116 took sides and started breaking rules by yelling racist things and making the r.s chat box look like an e-mail written by 50 cent. Everyone ignored level 116 because there was no sign of speaking.

Two minutes later, several passerby and world-hoppers joined in the fun. Another 5 minutes passed before the members of the "all black clan" at level 132 began to show up. I mean this was similar to jerry springer on steroids, in Runescape! It was a verbal battle of words! by the time the verbal battle was at its peak, there were around 17 people in the dungeon.

We were being racists and spamming our chat boxes when 116 spoke. ... Wow" was all it took. in a matter of seconds. The room was empty. Why was that ?....? It was a mod. Half the room was filled with Buy RS Gold blue and red ribbons when people teleported or simply entered the sight of the Silver Crown.


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