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WWWW Full Form

The Full type of WWWW is (World Wide Web Worm) | The World Wide Web Worm (WWWW) was a web index for the World Wide Web (WWW). It was created by Oliver McBrien at the University of Colorado at Boulder, Colorado, United States.

What is WWWW?

Internet Worm (wwww) A web index for the World Wide Web (www). It is asserted that there was a Search Engine a few years prior, despite the fact that it was not delivered until March 1994, at that point numerous other web indexes had opened up.

It was created in September 1993 as an exploration project by Oliver McBrien at the University of Colorado.

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Contrast among WWWW and WWW

WWWW implies World Wide Web Worm which is identified with an old web index and www implies World Wide Web.

WWW whose full structure is World Wide Web. Which we as a whole likewise know as web. It is a kind of data framework where other web assets are recognized by URL (Uniform Resource Locators), which can be connected with hyperlinks and are open over the Internet.


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