Guide to using Impaler Tree skills in New World

Most of Spear's power comes from Impaler Tree.

There are various skill trees in New World, and the advantages and disadvantages of each skill tree and how to use them are different. Today, I will introduce you to the gameplay and functions of Impaler Tree.

Impaler Tree

Most of Spear's power comes from Impaler Tree. The skills on the Impaler Tree are very useful, just like the Sweep skills on the Zoner Tree. Perforate, Skewer, and Vault Kick are the three skills of Impaler Tree.

Perforate can be applied to Rend, and its fast burst damage is Buy New World Coins mainly achieved by fast animation and fast hits. Skewer can cause bleeding and cause continuous damage over time. This is a powerful hitting skill. Vault Kick can not only cause stun, but also a good gap closer.

Outside of this tree, each skill has its own practicality. Using either Perforate or Skewer with Vault Kick and Sweep from Zoner Tree in PvE or PvP is what every player wants. These skills can be flexibly combined and set up to be suitable for any scene.

Exploited Weakness is the ultimate skill of this tree, and it is very convenient to use in PvE. But in PvP, even if it has the skills of Bleeds, Knockdown, Rend, Slow and Stun, it still needs some setup of other weapons to function better.

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