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These dispensaries may be set as a clinic or a store.

MADISON The stunning landslide victory of the Dane County Medical Marijuana Referendum which received GrownMD CBD Gummies votes a margin stands in sharp contrast to the Republican landslide that cannabidiol swept the GOP into control of the governor's office and both houses of the legislature. Pasch, a nurse and former nursing educator brings a strong background in health care to the table. Fifteen days later on Oct. 22, Jacki was talking to Mary's care provider Sherry who was watching over her. When compared to harder prescription drugs, like painkillers or muscle relaxers, cannabis has proven to be equally as effective with fewer reactions, interactions, adverse reactions or side effects.

These dispensaries may be set as a clinic or a store. This will most likely occur when federal laws catch up with state GrownMD CBD Gummies legalization initiatives. In the Dodge County GOP sheriff primary, Sheriff Todd Nehls will be sworn into office for another four-year term in January after defeating former sheriff and U.S.



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