Which ESO Class is Best for you?

Dive in to know which is the best class to pick in ESO.

If you're playing The Elder Scrolls Online for the first time, you need to keep in mind choosing a class that is simple to play and can provide variety if you want to change your current game without having to create a new character from scratch.


First of all, let's take a look at some very important things to consider before choosing your class. Number one, there is no best class in ESO. They all have their strengths and weaknesses and change all the time. It is a very bad idea to choose the flavour of the month in any MMO for several different reasons.


If you are completely new, you probably will not understand why it is not better now and will take advantage anyway. It is very important to choose a class that believes that you will enjoy. The one you think looks cool and seems to have a fun playstyle that is tailored to your specific needs.


Elder Scrolls Online offers a great variety in terms of building configuration, and there are many abilities and combos in the game that can increase your strength. Keep in mind that the buffs and scratches applied by you or your party will be the biggest factor in increasing your damage, healing, and defensive efficiency. ESO provides you two basic ways to take part in the game's ESO market economy and sell ESO items ESO goldin Elder Scrolls Online. The first is a Join a player's guild and sell through the Player Guild Store. And, Advertise your wares on Player Zone Chat.


We advise taking particular interest in the following classes:


  • Dragonknight: by choosing this class, you can create a good warrior, although you can also acquire magical abilities and spells. Dragonknight works best as a tank, but it can also make for a decent DP. It should be noted that its damage per second can be related to stamina or magic, not just health points.


  • Tumblr - This is the most diverse category in the game. You can create knights that deal massive damage with melee weapons or use powerful spells. However, Templar works best as a healer, that is, as a character who can recover and increase the defensive capabilities of him and his companions. Developing a specialty class is worth considering if you want to die a lot.


Dragonknight Class


  • Dragonknight is similar to a typical warrior or fighter, tending to inflict casualties in close combat or close combat.


  • Dragonknight is well suited to the role of a tank, the character that attracts the attention and ire of all opponents. This can be especially useful when traveling in a group that includes players from other disciplines, so there is less chance of enemies attacking them. A character in this class can also focus on developing the DPS role, which consists of dealing as much damage as possible. Depending on the skill trees selected, a Dragonknight can deal massive damage using melee combat or casting spells.


  • A Dragonknight cannot become a healer, a character whose job it is to support and heal other team members. However, the Dragon Knight can use abilities that allow him to heal himself effectively.


  • Ardent Flame's abilities focus on the ability to deal fire damage to opponents. It can also impose negative effects on them that will last for some time.


  • The abilities of the Draconic Power Tree are mainly defensive and allow, among other things, to obtain a large bonus for armor. It is also possible to use the offensive capabilities of the area of effect.


  • Earth heart tree abilities have some crowd control abilities, abilities that reduce injuries received (by the hero and optionally the rest of the team as well) or stun and slow monsters.


  • The Dragonknight's priority is to develop a large amount of health, although Magicka and Stamina can also be useful to him. Recommended options for this class are heavy armor, sword, and battle armour.


Templar Class


  • Templar Paladins are somewhat similar to other RPGs, as they are the most diverse class among all the standard classes available. This means that you can easily create a character that meets your expectations. In choosing Templar, it is also easier to create a hybrid, this is the hero who will combine different styles of play.


  • Templar can do any of the main roles, as a tank (but will not be as effective as Tank-DragonKnight), DPS (character that inflicts the most damage to enemies) support (a character who supports other members of the team), or healer (the character who heals himself and joins with) others).


  • Aedric Spear's skills tree skills are related to the DPS (Do As Much Damage Possible) specialization for enemies. We are talking about the magic damage that magic uses.


  • Dawn's Wrath's skill tree abilities are primarily related to the support role, but there are also spells with a typical offensive effect.


  • The recovery in the light skill tree includes the most important healing skills - use them to heal yourself and your allies.


  • Attribute point allocation should be based on your preferred play style. If you want to create a Templar as a wizard, spend more points on magic and health. In addition, we recommend the use of light screens.


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