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Will all students, teachers and staff be monitored for changes in temperature and symptoms daily?
Schools need to be especially careful to conduct these checkups daily or several times a day to ensure everyone is in good health. If students or teachers need to stay home Regardless of whether the symptoms are comparable to COVID-19, childcare near me now, schools should have plans to continue supporting educators and children working or studying from home in the future.

How will social activities be managed?
Children need to be social as part of a healthy learning process. Therefore, it does not make sense to ban social activities. What the school can do is Limit class sizes or move outdoor activities to keep children separated. If activities are particularly high-risk, such as gym classes or sports. Schools can shrink teams Restrict or limit your audience Or create a whole new, safer activity.

Self-study is best if safe.
Attending school is more than bringing children. to live in a uniform and structured environment School is a place for them to interact with their friends in an atmosphere that encourages learning and growth. Childcare near me prices, Getting back to one-on-one safely is a daunting endeavor. But it is certainly possible.

Kiddie Academy of Stafford Education is committed to creating a safe space for children to be their best self. As one of the schools that offer one-on-one classes We are working closely with the Centers for Disease Control and the American Academy of Pediatrics to ensure that all best practices are implemented. This includes improved cleaning and disinfection protocols. Regular temperature measurements and health checks Managed sending and receiving procedures social distancing and a more rigorous isolation and isolation protocol for any observed symptoms.

You keep asking yourself “Should I send my child back to school?”.” We can advise. Contact the Kiddie Academy of Stafford Education for more information on protocols and readiness for face-to-face learning.


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