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K.O. As a pure amge, after fighting for RuneScape gold a while my opponent began to attack him with a slash, he's on low HP, how do I get him killed? I can't make use of the double stack combo as it is only effective from a distance. There is no method to kill him at all except if I decide to hybrid. Hybridizing is another problem. My magic attack is reduced due to hybrid equipment, so I can't bring him down in health.

PJers consider mages to be free loot. They know that there is no way to stop them or KO them when they come at you. The chance of them not achieving their goal is extremely low.

The thread was initially created in the Runescape forums. It's still there. ;) Hello, Have ever thought about the education of Scaperune's people? Are they different abilities? You have the option! Write down how each of the Scaperune residents could improve their talents. Make it as hilarious as you can but not too weird.

Scaperune is Runescape's antithesis. Scaperune can only be reached through random events. There are two random events that can take you there and one is only available during fishing. These are Prison Pete, Evil Bob's Island and the Party Room. These locations are chaotic and wild. Prison Pete is the antithesis of Party Pete. You catch fish cooked on the island of evil and then you cook them over again.

Some interesting information A cooking food item in the 'Uncooking Pots' on Evil Bob's island (is in ScapeRune) will give you the message: "You need an Uncooking level (cooking amount required for cooking food) to cook that." I challenge anyone who can be bothered, to carry 28 shrimps cooked at all times, and when they do encounter this issue, to uncook every single one of them, and then get 2 Uncooking! I'm wondering if it's possible to not cook an item and buy rs 3 gold get a very uncommon, "very raw" item.


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