Meanwhile, I survive hardly 3hrs with 71 def

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They are very very precise. So going in f2p with green d'hide? U wont last beyond 10-20 mins. How do you figure I'd get busted with D'Hide? I Camped for weekly in hogboblins with 1 stock of anchovy pizzas. Thrs a dif b/w spiders, and h0bs. Spiders don't have any safe stains. . Hobs possess lowsy atk. . I was able to OSRS gold camp thr for long periods of time at 50 def with n0thn on me except a rune scim along with rune kite, and a power ammy.

Meanwhile, I survive hardly 3hrs with 71 def (promoted to 85+ with super pots). With full dharoks, which is one of, if not, the ideal def bonus equipment in sport plus a full invntory of monkfish. With exactly the identical gear, I cud potentially last forever at hobs with no single parcel of food. However, if ur tht arrogant, go have fun lasting 10 mins each inv of food, getting approx 5k exp per hr...

Your stature is the number of floors you do before clicking the reset button. In case you have lv99 dg and perform 50 floors, you have 50 prestige. If you simply do 20 from those 50 before resetting, you simply get 20 prestige. Try to always reset after doing all the floors possible. It's very easy today, since you are able to tick off floors lower by repeating higher ones. So ur saying if I do the hihest floor from a reset, then it will tick off another floor? I think so... I am doing flooring 12 right now and checking it out.

Answer this leaf? Really? So if I did... around 25 (that I did) then I reset... I could still do 25 right? And get prestige xp till I get back to 25 for 25 levels? So others maintain getting ticked off? So I keep getting presitge xp for performing the same floor until I hit 25? I got 4000 then 2500 and buy RS gold then 3500. Why are they different? I got 4k prestige for performing f12 that I was not up to yet. And f5 got ticked off! :D excellent news for me. Let us hope I keep getting prestige xp for doing precisely the same floor. Fantastic news. I can reset then do like f25 for maximum xp. Good right? So today... how do they calculate prestige? A formulation? All I need to know.


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