The Best Offensive Schemes in Madden 21

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Behind every outstanding team in Madden is an excellent script. Its flexible scheme can provide you with advantages in any situation. Madden Coins will also bring you even greater advantages. In the first few months of EA SPORTS Madden 21, many "best offensive plans" have been proposed. But not every plan can be marked as the "best plan", so we compiled three offensive plans from the Madden community.

1. Gun Ace slot offset
The first proposal comes from EricRayweather on YouTube, a form of gun that can be found in the "Patriot" script. First, you want to change the formation sound when attacking to have more choices. Your voice should be PA bubble, inner area, Y sail level and Chinese doubles. The one you are about to squeeze into a mess is Post, which is one of the most difficult games to defend in the game.

The person on route X is supposed to be a superman, and it will be difficult to deal with outside sentry and running range. The slot should also have a good speed rating, not only for uprights, but also for PA Bubble operations. Grab-N-Go receivers like Tyreek Hill are ideal for this location. Your running position is also the key to the game: in the post, his angled route almost guarantees easy hitting, while the opponent is worried that the fast receiver will be dispatched. This drama is a nightmare for civil air defense, Cover 2 and even the area. Welcome to buy Madden 21 Coins to enhance your strength in the game.

2. Gun Bundle TE
The next plan presented by Sportsgamerz can be found in the "Guns" set of the New York Jets Manual. If you have speed everywhere, not just keep a long distance from the receiver, then this type of attack is fatal.

Starting from TE Corner, you can choose a variety of ways, including short-term and long-term options. Do not rely on too much blocking, so that the receiver with good routing operation can offset the area coverage and assault of this formation. The key is the three tight braid receivers, they are on the opposite side of the tight tail, running into a column, curl or flat. The receivers can produce large distances from all different directions from similar locations.

All these choices come from a formation and almost make your arsenal uncontrollable, because your opponent cannot stop every reading you make. If a short burst of yards results in a 30-yard bomb, the defender can be in almost any defense scenario You know how to use popular routes correctly. In addition, you can Buy MUT 21 Coins to enhance the game's strength.

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