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No Bite Lotion Effective Mosquito Repellent for Baby 120ml

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Brand: NoBITE Organic Mosquito Repellant PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:
“Your best protection from Dengue – carrying mosquitoes”
NoBite is the next generation skin mosquito repellent with combined
efficacy of Neem and Citronella extracts that is healthy and effective
in protecting the skin from insect bites most specially the
Disease-carrying mosquitoes thatmay cause Dengue, Zika and
Chikungunya fever.
Clinically tested NoBite is your best protection from mosquitoes, biting
flies, sand fleas (nik-nik) and ticks by covering exposed skin.
NoBite repels up to 98% of skin biting mosquito-carrying virus that may
cause DENGUE, YELLOW and MALARIA fever.
NoBite active components have a lasting repelling effectup to 8 hours
biting protection. NoBite is FREE from Pesticide and DEET. NoBite is
safe for all ages , babies > 6 months, pregnant and lactating mothers.
Approved by FDA#Dengue Prevention

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