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C - Supreme

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8 undeniable benefits of VITAMIN C they probably didn't know about
1. Shields the skin from sunny hazards (Pinoprotektahan ang balat mula sa init ng araw)
2. Stimulates the production of collagen (Para elastic ang skin!)
3. Prevents the formation of stretch marks (Para flawless ka pa rin)
4. Delays the aging process of the skin (Look 10 years younger!)
5. Hydrates and refreshes dry skin layers (Doon tayo siyempre sa banayad kapag hinawakan)
6. Repairs damaged skin (Let's reverse it!)
7. Perfect cure for acne and pimples (Beauty in and out!)
8. Reduces inflammation (Ginhawa all you want!)

Good for 2 months
60 vegetable capsules

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