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FREZZOR Collagen Bone Broth Lavender Chamomille

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FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth contains many valuable ingredients that can help to prevent holes in the intestine and the negative effects on our health. These include primarily collagens, amino acids such as glutamine, proline, glycine, glycosaminoglycans, and even essential omega-3 fatty acids, but only if they are also derived from grazing cattle that have had the opportunity to feed on herbs and grasses.
The gelatin, collagen and other proteins and peptides contained in FREZZOR Collagen Protein Broth;

a) help to protect the intestinal mucosa,
b) have a harmonizing effect on the intestinal flora,
c) reduce inflammation,
d) support the structure of the intestinal wall and
e) even help with digestive processes.

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