578eeb4e9f329 Khoka 420 Full Movie 720p is the latest movie by the director "Spanky Mark" which has been released on 3rd March 2019. This movie is a romantic comedy drama with social commentary. It stars Rajkumar Rao, Shahana Goswami, Amol Kolhe along with Aman Jain in lead roles. The film shows that fate doesn't have to be fate - it can be changed by every individual person who is willing to take action and fight for their dreams.
The film revolves around four friends, but it's not just about friendship or love stories which are always the same. It's a film about finding love in your city and taking a stand for your dreams. It is a film which will make you think, "wow what if I took a stand?"

The movie starts with Azaan (Rajkumar Rao) coming from Mumbai to Delhi. Azaan then meets with his friends who are Keshav (Amol Kolhe), Manish (Vijay Verma) and Heera (Shahana Goswami). In the initial stages of the movie, we see that Azaan doesn't have much of friendly bonds with his friends. We also see that Keshav has a big family in which they live in a joint family in an apartment. The film moves ahead with the burden of an extra person in Keshav's house due to which they start becoming suspicious of Azaan.

The story takes an interesting momentum when Manish's marriage gets fixed with Chandni (Shilpi Sharma). One day, Azaan sees Heera at a market and falls for her instantly. The movie then moves ahead with Keshav getting furious on Azaan after he finds that he is the son of his ex-boss. The movie then shows how Heera's marriage gets fixed with another guy due to circumstances which take place because of circumstances which are out of their control. Azaan tries to get in touch with Heera who is going to Mumbai for her marriage. Azaan then goes through a lot of difficulties in meeting her.
While trying to meet her, he asks help from Keshav's family too, but they do not agree unless they find out his family background. They demand a huge amount of money from him which he does not have. So, he calls his rich father who pays them off and saves the meeting venue location from the marriage broker and reaches on time with a garland in hand which is too late as she had already married.

The movie then moves on to several months later when all of them are together for Keshav's wedding anniversary. On the day of the anniversary, Heera runs into Azaan at the wedding party. Azaan turns hostile since he has seen her but Heera confirms that she is not married to anyone else. The movie then moves on to their conversation on phone while Heera is in Mumbai and Azaan is in Delhi.

The next day, they all go to Chandni's home where they celebrate Keshav's birthday with wine and some other preparations. While doing it, Azaan comes across with his parents who had arrived for his birthday too along with the two former bosses of his father.
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