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41 w

Vacuum Sealer with Built-in Roll Storage Chamber

¥40 (JPY)

NO.58, Fengling Rd2, Chengnan Industrial Zone, Tong\an, Xiamen, China· In stock· New

Vacuum Sealer Provider: Built-in Roll Vacuum Sealer with Bag Cutter, 160W (ETL), 130W (EU), Stainless Steel Cover, Easy Lock & Unlock, Seal length 300mm.
-Model # V3530
-Machine size: 389x150x84mm
-With durable stainless steel cover
-With built-in roll storage chamber and bag cutter
-Easy Lock and Unlock system
-Separate vacuum mode for dry and moist food.
-"Pulse" button to control vacuum time and degree.
-Works with vacuum canisters.
-Seal button, seals rolls for custom sized bags.

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