What do you think of retro games?

I'd like to try playing something new for me. Since I wasn't interested in games before. It would be interesting for me to play retro games. Where can I buy old consoles?

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Hi there. I used to play games a lot and was fascinated by the gaming industry. I had a lot of free time to play Super Mario or Sonic. Most of all I liked Sega consoles. I thought about where I could buy them and found the Retro Games website on the internet. As for me that is the best site for retro games. So I advise you to look at the range.

Nick Colson·

I like modern games better. Because I care about graphics and how the game looks visually.

Kylee Pierce·

I wondered why so many other people shared my interest in playing classic video games when I started doing so again. Yes, nostalgia is a significant part of pacman 30th anniversary their enjoyment for many people, but this is just one facet of their overall satisfaction.