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o clarify on OSRS Gold the previous sentence

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The PKing group of RuneScape was once a decent bunch of people back when the old wilderness existed. The first thing we would do was to ask "dm?" We then asked "dm?" or "fight?" before we attacked another person. We wanted them to be ready and for us to have a enjoyable, fair, and uninvolved fight.

People will DM. In many cases in RuneScape these times, I'll request anyone "dm?" You will get a response of "sure" or "yes" within minutes.

We also put our top accounts to each other, our mains. This was more fun since the stats were balanced, so it was an actual battle, and it was it was fun to watch range beat mage, and mage beat melee, ect. We now have pures that are totally unbalanced, and it has just made PKing less enjoyable.

Is it me or has the PKing community lost its integrity over the past years? These are just some of the examples that I have, but I'm sure there are many others. Do you think this authenticity will be reinstated by bringing the old wilderness back, or do you think it's just going to become an area for people who are annoyed on RuneScape?

Many people may not consider all the items apart from things that have changed since 2007. I was thinking of the following: I believe that 2007 still was a small screen with a a limited field of view. It was necessary to constantly alter the camera. Players can now see other players without worrying about the camera.

Wilderness wall. Dropping items is easy for everyone to see. The advancement in technology is enough to prove it. People with faster/better connectivity. YouTube was very popular back then. But it has grown in popularity since. Many people want to make videos in order to "compete". Duel Arena now has a f2p price. With the staking back being going back, can it stay the same way?

My personal favorite is the old bone yard is gone. We hope it returns. Are new players aware of some of the places that were used for battles? Dark castle was empty. I had a larger list of things to add but it's now empty. It's possible that other people have more ideas.

The Guide: We always observe these clans of merchants select certain items every few days and then wait a specified time to sell them at a higher rate. This is because they make profits and everybody else suffers from inflammation.
What does a clan leader look at? How does one determine which item is the best for merch? It's easy. jagex has the answer. You can find the Grand Exchange section here. In this section of the runescape website, you can see various things such as the rising and dropping prices of the current in-game market for runescape.

It's likely that the 'Price Drops section is what you'll be looking at. It is here that you'll find the top products to sell. This is the most straightforward and reliable method of earning money. Others are also aware about it. The more you buy and the more players purchase, the bigger the prise rises.

Here are some suggestions for using the 100 most sought-after item drops. There are numerous items on the market which you cannot purchase, such as 'air runes. Make sure you save your money for things such as armor, ores or raw fish, as well as other raw materials.

When you have found the item of your choice, be certain that it has not decreased in value in both daily and monthly, for if it has decreased since 180 days ago the item is likely bound to keep going down in pries except for a certain type of item that I will be talking about in the next section. Don't buy anything that has dropped more than 4% over the last 7 days because I have experienced massive losses in the past when I rely on these items.

Special Items(Usually not marked on the top 100) There are some particular items, like certain kinds of fish, or ores most people will never see in the top 100 list because as they do decrease at a fast rate, it's not enough to be found on the list. This is where merchant clans earn the majority of their money. They will spend about an hour researching prices for items that are famous for rising from rock bottom in just three days.

One can do this either one of two ways... look on the internet for these types of items(I will give a brief list to those interested) or using a program designated to finding the top of the top merchandise for the week. (I have seen one. It's on my laptop, as it's homemade). These items can be very hard to locate, even though most of them are essentials like food and "skilling". Here is a list of what I consider to be the most valuable items to merch over short periods of time, just get some of your friends in on it so that they can assist you in raising prices by purchasing more of the same kind of product!

Here are my top ten merchandising partners. This is just a list of the top ten runescape merchants I merch with. I'm now focusing on investing my money into skills and not runescape. All the best! Good Luck to everyone! (Oh and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place and transfer it to the correct location if you have to)

I'm not sure what to say for the female voice. I don't know who the person behind the door is, but maybe someone from Zaros. I just hope that it's a fascinating person and there's a motive behind it. Strike, fight and kill. Keep up-to-date.
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