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Now, MyNBA in all of its glory is a bit of a tease because there are too many of the finest new features that are not working as intended. While I've said I'm certain the issues would be solved, it would probably be a good idea for 2K to post something on societal websites that acknowledges the issues. As of now, virtually every MyNBA enthusiast is in the dark. They are just becoming more frustrated as the projects and fun they were expecting to have is just out of the grasp. The following 2K patch may be arriving as soon as this week, so let us hope it stamps out those mode-ruining issues with MyNBA.

Among my favorite things to do whenever new consoles come out would be see how sports betting games run on them. It is not that I always expect them to be different on stronger hardware -- quite the opposite, actually. Since sports games have a tendency to depict enclosed, fixed surroundings and will need to have a perfectly smooth performance every year, they are normally secure and dependable whatever system you play them on.

Next-gen sports games get subtle, solid improvements.

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