Well, word does travel fast. I haven't told anyone
Well, word does travel fast. I haven't told anyone Mar 17

Well, word does travel fast. I haven't told anyone

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How long are you a mind? Why not? Ummmm....no (end conversation) Why not? Great. Now, go and discover out and locate my ingredients. You'll need: 1 giant toad's gall bladder, one white wolf claw, 1 bar of Armanite, one Chocolate Tuesday. These are the components?! They worked the very first time! Now, the only thing I know is I heard horses and one of the robber's had no arm. Thanks.

If you speak to him again, you can ask for the ingredients left to collect or: Where would they have a horse? Didn't you hear? Chestnut stables opened , west of the barbarian outpost. I'd try there first. Thanks. Create your way to the barbarian outpost, then go west. Locate the new construction, chestnut stables, and talk to Pamela, the coach. Hello, and welcome to Chestnut Stables! How did you find us?

Well, word does travel fast. I haven't told anyone, and just sold a horse to someone who happened to be walking around here. How many arms did he consume? However, now you mention it, I think his left arm was missing! I could see how you'd miss it... No need for sarcasm! Okay, okay. He explained he was looking for a new sort of tree, an extremely rare one. I told him that it has been rumoured that a mysterious kind of tree has been seen in the forests west of these legends guild. See you soon!

Head into the woods west of the legends guild. Read the notice. "DO NOT TOUCH! This tree is a distinctive specimen! I shall come after you in the event that you try to cut it down!" If you've got 20+ woodcutting, you are able to chop the tree. Whenever you start, a man appears. Hey! Can not you read the note? Where's your arm?

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