Rsgoldfast - While the golden farmers as well as OSRS Gold
Rsgoldfast - While the golden farmers as well as OSRS Gold Jul 15

Rsgoldfast - While the golden farmers as well as OSRS Gold

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Hreidmar is caught by Zanik, who teleports him to Arposandra. Brimstail withdraws from Glouphrie knowing how to hurt his reputation, but ultimately been unsuccessful. The good news is that the battles are only beginning. Reward are: Lucien's Amulet It is not possible to wear this access to Arposandra and the ability to enter an area of the Dragonkin lair. Lucien's Amulet is available at the Runestone Reverser in the Runecrafting Guild, and use the amulet on it. It can be used up to four times to earn 120K experience in any skill.

Arposandra Take a trip through the Sewer Dungeon. Glouphrie can be defeated in this region. He is only harmed by magical attacks, and at certain times he will become invinsible until you damage him with a Summoning familiar. His health will be lost and he will disappear into thin air. He will leave valuables to you, and then the room will be filled with dark energy. Each second, Glouphrie will take 2 damage until he respawns.

Dragonkin Lair: There will be a brand new Fairy Ring, this one is located in Brimstail's cave. It will take you to a location that is home to Adamant Dragons, which are similar to those from earlier. There are two ways to go. One takes you to a cave that is level 120 Wyverns. They breathe in the breath of elemental like their skeletal friends, and are ineffective against Ice Magic, strong against every other kind. This second route can lead to a level 398 Adamant Dragon.

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