Mmoexp - But while NFL has been growing in popularity
Mmoexp - But while NFL has been growing in popularity Jul 10

Mmoexp - But while NFL has been growing in popularity

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The Tweet also mentions SpongeBob, with the the character's involvement in the event clarified via a post about the ViacomCBS website. With the business possessing both CBS and Nickelodeon, the thought process behind the dual broadcast seems clear, and the post also details a significant reason behind the Nickelodeon revealing of the Wild Card game. With loads of people probably pruning in by halftime, Nickelodeon will have the ability to premiere the first trailer for the SpongeBob Squarepants spinoff show Kamp Koral, which sees everyone from Sandy into Plankton as depicted as children. A pre-game countdown will observe that the NFL's Von Miller recapping SpongeBob's sports-themed minutes, which will certainly include clips in the Bubble Bowl performance and Fry Cook competition.

Maintaining this special playoff air in your mind, the reasoning behind SpongeBob's look in Madden NFL 21 seems obvious. As opposed to just giving among 2020's most disappointing matches another chance at life through a quirky SpongeBob cameo, the soccer sim is used as another method to liven up this weekend's important playoff conflict on Nickelodeon. With similar things being done via weekly challenges in Madden's Ultimate Team manner, the main draw of the series, the idea process gets even more understandable.

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