Rsgoldfast - Best low cost prices on your OSRS Gold
Rsgoldfast - Best low cost prices on your OSRS Gold Jul 01

Rsgoldfast - Best low cost prices on your OSRS Gold

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Money + non agressive npc = trade. Farmers can offer an advice or a product (shears, axe, bucket), men - a few tools, girls - some clothing. Once thing is displayed, npc can not drop it. Any dye sheep = colored sheep. All rams begin attacking player and sheep returns to normal a while afterwards. That is almost all. If this topic violates anything, please be so kind to delete it.

The majority of the skills in RS don't have too much'skill' involved. You simply require a fast hand and a great deal of time to be on top. I would like to suggest mini games which actually require more ability. These mini games won't just show that a man or woman is really'proficient' but they will also provide an enjoyable alternative to normal training.

(NOTE: still have to think of great xp per item per Agility level along with a fantastic speed of items per minute per how long you stay, suggestions from you guys, with this or any other mini game,are tremendously appreciated but they will only be incorperated into the seggestion should they make sense to me so argue your point obviously )

Check out for more details.
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07-30-21 - 17:00 End date
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